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There are many basic electronic components used to build electronic circuits. Without these components, the circuit design is never ready or has not worked properly. These components include resistors, diodes, capacitors, integrated circuits and so on. Some of these components consist of two or more connectors glued to the circuit boards. Some may be packaged types, such as integrated circuits that contain different semiconductors. Here is a brief overview of each of these basic electronic components and you can get detailed information by clicking on the links for each component.

Basic electronic components

Electronic components are separate basic units for use in any electronic electronics system that has different domains. These components are the basic elements used for the design of electrical and electronic circuits. These components have at least two connectors used to connect the circuit. The classification of electronic components can be done, for example, on the basis of active, passive and electromechanical applications.

The most important electronic components

The design of the electronic circuit takes into account the following:

Basic electronic components: capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, etc.
Power supplies: Signal generators and direct current sources.
Measurement and analysis equipment: cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO), multimeters, etc.

Active components

These components are used to amplify electrical signals to produce electricity. The operation of these components can be done as an electrical circuit in the electrical equipment to protect the voltage and current. The active component performs its function because it is controlled by a power supply. All of these components require a power source, which is usually removed from the DC circuit. All high quality active components include an oscillator, an IC (integrated circuit) and a transistor.

Passive components

Components of this type cannot use the power supply of an electronic circuit because they do not depend on a power supply, except for those available in the AC circuit to which they are connected. As a result, they cannot amplify even if they can increase the current, otherwise the voltage or current. These components mainly include bidirectional connectors, such as resistors, inductors, transformers and capacitors.

Electromechanical components

These components use an electrical signal to make some mechanical changes, such as rotating the motor. Typically, these components use an electric current to generate a magnetic field so that physical movement can occur. Different types of switches and relays can be used in this type of components. Devices that have both an electrical process and a mechanical process are electromechanical devices. The electromechanical component is used manually to produce electricity by mechanical movement.

Passive electronic components

These components can store or maintain energy in the form of current or voltage. Some of these components are discussed below.


A resistor is a bipolar passive electronic component used to resist or limit current. The resistor operates according to the principle of Ohm’s law, where “the voltage applied to the terminals of the resistor is directly proportional to the current flowing through it”


An electronic circuit is a structure that controls and directs electric current to perform a variety of functions, including signal amplification, calculation, and data transmission. It consists of several different components, such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes.

Consumer electronics: office equipment such as computers, personal computers, scanners and printers, fax machines, headlamps, etc. , VCRs, DVD players, color TVs, microphone and speaker, video game consoles. Advanced equipment for consumers, such as installation box, ATM, dishwasher, smartphones, PDA (personal digital assistant), barcode scanners, points of sale. Recording units for playback and optical recording, as well as portable infotainment. Examples are DVDs, hard disk drives, portable MP3 players.

Industrial electronics:

Electronic components are used in industrial automation and motion control, machine learning, motor operation control, mechatronics and robotics, power conversion technologies, photovoltaic systems, renewable energy, applications, power electronics and biomechanics. Smart grid systems: smart electrical systems collect information about communication technology and then respond based on energy consumption. It is an application of intelligence, computation and electrical systems connected to the network. Industrial automation and motion control: Today’s machines replace people with increased productivity, time and costs. In addition, safety in uncontrolled work was also taken into account. Therefore, delegating human assets from automation has become the best option for the industry.

Medical applications:

Develop advanced tools for data storage and physiological analysis. They have proven to be more useful in diagnosing and curing diseases. Some medical devices and equipment use electronic components: respiratory monitors to determine the patient’s condition caused by changes in body temperature, heart rate, respiration and blood flow. The defibrillator causes an electric shock to the heart muscle and restores the heart to its normal working state. Blood glucose meter. Pace Maker reduces and increases heart rate and more.
Defense and aviation: Defense and aerospace applications include: missile launch systems, space rocket launchers, aircraft systems, cockpit controllers, military runways, bomb protection for military use

Vehicle: anti-collision unit, infotainment system, anti-lock braking system, cruise control, traction control, window regulators, electronic control unit (ECU) and airbag.

Electronics and Casino Game Use – What You Need to Know

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Basic electronic components, the operation of which depends on an external power supply, are called active components. They can amplify signals and / or process signals. Some active components are transistors, integrated circuits.


A transistor is a nonlinear semiconductor. The transistor is considered one of the most important devices in electronics. The transistor has changed many aspects of human life. Transistors have two main functions, which amplify the input signals and act as semiconductor switches. The transistor acts as a switch when used in the saturation or interruption interval. Amplifies signals when used in the active area. It offers a very high input resistance and a very low output resistance.

Transistors are classified according to the structure of bipolar transverse transistors and field effect transistors.

Transistor symbol

The most popular and commonly used transistors are BC547, 2N2222. Below are some common transistor packages:

A metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) is a semiconductor device that differs in structure from a bipolar junction transistor, although the applications are the same as coupling and amplification. It has four terminals such as Drain, Gate, Source and Body. The chassis is short-circuited to the source socket. The gate is insulated from the pipe next to a very thin layer of metal oxide. Therefore, it offers a very high durability compared to BJT.

By checking the gate voltage (VGS + ve / -ve) of the channel along which the charge carriers (electrons or holes) flow from the source to the channel, the width can be checked. P-channel MOSFET has a P-channel area between the source and channel, and N-channel MOSFET has an N-channel area.

The advantages of MOSFET over BJT

  • Very high resistance to entry
  • Reduced opposition to the state
  • Reduced energy losses
  • High operating frequency
  • Transistor operation
  • Transistor operation
  • Use of transistors (BJT / FET)

Amplification of analog signals.

Used as replacement units in SMPS, microcontrollers, etc.
Overvoltage / undervoltage protection
signal modulation and demodulation circuits.
Current control in converters and chargers (high power transistors)
Types of transistor packages

For BJT and MOSFET packaging, the transistors are available in orifice (DIP) and SMD versions. for example, DIP: TO-92, TO-220 and SMD: SOT23, SOT223, TO-252, D2PAK.

Transistor selection parameters

When selecting a transistor in any user of the circuit, consider the following parameters

  • Maximum collection current (Ic)
  • Maximum collector voltage (Vce)
  • VBE voltage
  • Saturation Vce (village) tension
  • Current gain, hfe / ß
  • Input resistor
  • The first answer
  • Reverse distribution voltage
  • Maximum return current.
  • Evaporation of force
  • Interface temperature
  • size
  • Switching time / frequency

Integrated circuits

An integrated circuit (IC) is an electronic circuit embedded in a semiconductor board, which is usually silicon. This disk has millions of compact transistors, resistors and capacitors connected to metal strips. ICs are powered by an external power supply for operation. ICs perform certain functions, such as data processing and signal processing. The physical size of an IC disk is very small compared to discrete circuits, so it is called a microchip or just a chip. Due to its small size, the IC has low power consumption.

In the ever-changing world of technology, especially electronics, it never ceases to amaze me what can be done in this day and age. Not so many years ago cell phones were as big as brick houses and now they can easily get into the hands of a child.

Gadgets that changed the world

In the ever-changing world of technology, especially electronics, it never ceases to amaze me what can be done in this day and age. Not so many years ago cell phones were as big as brick houses and now they can easily get into the hands of a child. I must say cell phones have come a long way, with built-in cameras, touchscreens, Internet browsers, unlimited music downloads and connecting to their social networks that have become a part of our daily lives, it is amazing how many things have improved. Can we imagine technology like this a few years ago?

This brings me to the game console for best online casinos, we have come a long way from old Atari with black and white space invaders dragging on the screen for something I came across a few days ago, the PlayStation Vita by Sony. This is their latest handheld console with an OLED touch screen, twin analog sticks, D pad internet browser and camera just to mention a few things. As for the graphics on today’s game consoles they are amazing, it’s almost like you are there in the game. Cellphones, computers how would we live without them today? I also heard recently that another tablet-style console that can be launched at the end of the year is called Project Fiona, which is said to be able to run Windows 8 and have an Intel i7 processor, something we might have laughed not many years ago. Yes we have come a long way from old Atari.

How Technology Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

I believe there are many more interesting things to look forward to in the future. I hope we can use it well. I think we can all say life without our electronic friends will be much more difficult now that we are used to them. Where would we be without washing machines, dryers, computers and televisions? Even everyday life revolves around our electronic gadgets. Who can say maybe one day we might not be able to live without them at all! Yes all people of electronic age are good and truly part of our lives today and many years to come. So the next time you watch a movie is the machine taking over the world, having a little thought it might not be too far away. For all up-to-date electronics check the author’s site.

Progress in each of these applications presents new opportunities for growth and expansion of the flexible electronics market.

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The flexible electronics industry is characterized by increasing demand for electronic products that are more compact, lighter, rougher, and consume less power. The main features of flexible electronics meet most of these requirements. Flexible electronics have relatively low manufacturing costs, can be integrated into a number of industrial, consumer and military applications, have flexible structures, and are more resistant to shocks.

According to market experts, the global flexible electronics market will touch USD 250,000,000,000 by 2025, and will register double-digit growth through this period.

The consumer electronics market will witness a big step with the advent of flexible electronics, with popular products such as smartphones, televisions and tablets undergoing transformation.

Flexible electronic market insight

Flexible electronic market segment reports as: logic and memory, sensors and other electronic components, displays, lighting, and power (photovoltaic and batteries). Leading market players in the flexible electronics industry featured in this market research report are: Asahi Kasei, ACREO, Asahi Glass, Cambrios, BASF, and DaiNippon printing.

This research report in the flexible electronics market takes into account current technological and regulatory developments that can encourage or restrain growth in this market. We use Porter’s five forces analysis to determine future markets for both buyers and suppliers. This report also profiles the top entities in the market, their future growth prospects, the latest developments, and the product portfolio. Data is presented in the form of qualitative analysis and pithy tables and graphs.


There is no doubt that electronics and related equipment have an impact on almost every aspect of life today. Everything from music to recreational equipment, from medical diagnosis to telephones, depends on components made with and containing electronics. Electronic equipment consists of input, processing and output modes, often achieved by using circuit boards dedicated to one particular task.

How We Use Electronics in Daily Life

The study of the movement of electrons, or electronics, began with the invention of the telephone and telegraph and has continued to have more influence since then. With the invention of radio, however, electronics took a giant leap in development and have grown at the same time or an advanced level since. For example, radio is followed by television. At the same radio it became more sophisticated as smaller units known as pocket radios were created.

This makes entertainment very portable so that music and even games can be enjoyed while traveling.

Another type of portable entertainment is contained in many cellphones today. A cellphone is no longer just for talking to friends while traveling. Cellphones are used to send voice and text messages. You can access the internet to receive and send e-mail messages and to browse the web. Your mobile phone will allow you to take digital pictures, both still and video and to send these pictures to friends or to store them on the phone or on a computer. A cell phone can play your favorite songs and even take pieces from them songs and make ringtones from them. You can download songs from the internet or from a copy of a friend. Of course, with Bluetooth capabilities, you can use all the features of a cell phone without disturbing those around you.

What is the electronics sector?

Music players such as iPods or MP3 players can play music choices downloaded from a computer to a memory card. One of these memory cards is small in size but can store hundreds of songs so you always have your favorites with you. There are several websites where you can choose from a play list to buy one song or album that you can then download to your music player.

In homes and offices, electronic advancements continue in security and surveillance systems. You can install security cameras that will allow you to maintain visual surveillance of almost all areas of your home business. Sensors of various types help prevent damage or danger from smoke, fire and dangerous gases such as Radon. You can also arrange home security and office security measures that will notify you when there are unauthorized intruders into your space. Notifications can be set to go to the alarm system at a security company, or can record their presence and activities in the range of cameras.