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This article explains what you need an electronics manufacturing service provider from you to prepare an accurate quote for a typical printed circuit board assembly project.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic contract manufacturing services or EMS providers usually work with customers in various industries with different requirements for inventory control, testing, product packaging, and product support. In some applications, EMS providers only assemble printed circuit boards and then ship the boards to customers. Some customers will provide all materials, raw boards and electronic components, required for the work and EMS provider of printed circuit board assemblies, carry out any necessary testing, and ship the finished boards to the customer. This is generally considered as supplies provided on a consignment basis where EMS providers basically provide labor and expertise only.And rely on the EMS provider to purchase the remaining components needed to assemble the board. Most EMS providers prefer to use their own purchasing power, their extensive contacts, and existing inventory sections where applicable to provide all materials needed for a customer’s particular project. This method is generally considered to be an inventory that is provided on a Turn-Key basis.

But before this can happen, the EMS provider must provide customer assembled board quotes or price estimates for the project. In addition to the quantity commitment, the quantity of production release and the quantity of annual usage, this pricing process also requires a detailed bill of materials from the customer along with a set of Gerber files for printed circuit boards. BOM must determine all components with an approved vendor and vendor component numbers for each component. BOM information is also needed to enable technical reviews to determine the amount of labor and equipment needed to place parts and to solder components to the board.

What Does an Electronic Manufacturing Services Company Do?

Gerber files for printed circuit board design provide material Management with the information they need to get raw board prices and Lead Times from Printed Circuit Board manufacturing vendors. The Gerber file also provides the manufacturing group with the information they need to develop a manufacturing plan, the components are above only or above and below the board; surface mount, through holes, or mixed type components; wave soldering or reflow oven processes are needed, etc. In order to correctly place components on a printed circuit board with each component correctly oriented, the EMS provider will need a silkscreen file to find out the correct orientation of the parts on each side of the board. A screen paste file for surface mount applications will be required to order stencils for solder paste applications to the board prior to section placement.

All of this might seem like a lot of information, but every part is needed in order to provide the most cost effective for the finished product. Fortunately, Gerber files are usually available from PCB design systems because the Gerber format is the industry standard output format. BOM is usually in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or formal image. Assist your EMS provider by providing an approved vendor name and part number for each component.

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